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With his mother Evgeniya Viktorovna Haskina


Luria with Karl Pribram


Luria with his patient Zasetsky (1950's)


Central Asia, 1960's


At his apartment in Frunze St., Moscow, 1960's


In a raincoat (1960's)


Vyacheslav Molotov rewarding ARL by the Order of Lenin at the end of the 1950's


Getting the Curie-Skladovskaya prize, Lublin, 1974


Portrait 1975


Profile (1950's)


With Patients (1960's)


With Vygotsky and others (1930's)


Lecturing in the 1960's


With an ape (chimpanze?) at the end of the 1950's (beginning of the 1960's)


Profile at the Psychological Congress in the USA