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I'll Fight On: A Radio Play For Two Voices (Script)
Luria_Lecture - English
Luria_Lecture - Russian
Luria Introduction - English
Luria Introduction - Russian

The video materials listed below were originally gathered as an accompaniment to the re-issue of Alexander Luria's autobiography The Making of Mind. The new edition carried the sub-title "A dialogue with The Making of Mind." At some early point in the production process, the digital version of the video sent with hard copies of the book were corrupted and for a long time were thought lost. A recent search of LCHC archives turned up a copy of the DVD, which has been reformatted to be made available to a broad public.

Introduction to The Autobiography of Alexander Luria
     Audio by Mike Cole and a collection of still photos.
     La Jolla, 2004
Karl Levitin interviews J. P. Das
     Amsterdam, 2002
Karl Levitin interviews Peter Tulviste
     Amsterdam, 2002
Michael Cole interviews Jerome Bruner and Oliver Sachs
     New York, 2002
Karl Levitin interviews Vladimir Zinchenko
     Moscow, 2002
Karl Levitin interviews Vladimir I. Lubovsky
     Moscow, 2002