Luria Articles: Organized by Date

Language Date Article Title Author(s)
RUSSIAN 1922 Toward methods of psychotechnical investigation. Kazan A.R. Luria
GERMAN 1926 Modern Russian Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Psychoanalysis
A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1928 The Doctor and Psychogenesis. Kazan. A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1929 International Congress of Psychologists in America (1-7 Sept, 1929) A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1930 The International Congress of Psycologists in America A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1932 The Nature of Human Conflicts A. R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1933 Levit on Twins Levit
RUSSIAN 1933 Path of Soviet Psychology after 15 years A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1933 Psychology of Race and Fascists Science A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1936 Experimental of constructive activity: The differential instruction of two identical twins A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1936 The Question of genetic analysis of psychological functions and their development. A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1940 Destruction of Movement in Pre-Motor System Damage A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1945 Disturbance of Set and Action in Brain Injury A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1949 Disturbance of speech functions following war trauma of the brain. Neurology in Wartime. A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1950 Features of the interaction of the two signal systems in the function of the motive reactions in normal and abnormal development.
Conference Presentation. Moscow. 1953
A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1950 Psychology and the problem of reconstructing brain functions
Izv. Akad. Uauk Belorussian Republic. No.2. 1950
A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1950 Questions of Learning and speech in light of Parlou's teachings about the second signal system. 1950/51 A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1952 Fundamental Problems of the Clinical study of focal lesions of the Brain in light of the ideas of I.P.Pavlov. A.R. Luria
FRENCH 1953 Psychological Views on the Psychological Development Oligophrenia ??
RUSSIAN 1955 Role of the word in the function of Temporary connections in normal and abnormal development
Institute of Defectology. Moscow.1955
RUSSIAN 1955 Speech and the organization of behavior
Absracts of Lectures
200 years of Moscow University (Entire Volume Included).
RUSSIAN 1956 On the question of writing and reading disturbances. Psychological Journal of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Vol.2.No.4 ??
ENGLISH 1957 Psychopathological Research in the U.S.S.R. A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1957 Experimental analysis of the develeopment of voluntary action in children A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1957 Toward the problem of forming voluntary movements in children 1957 A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1957 Certain fundamental question of higher nervous activity in normal and anonomous development A.R. Luria
FRENCH 1957 The Role of Language in the Function of Psychological Process A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1958 On the formation of reactions to changes in attributes among early school children A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1958 Problems of Higher Neurous Activity of the Normal & Abnormal Child. A.R. Luria
GERMAN 1958 The psychological views L.S. Vygotsky ??
ENGLISH 1959 Disorders of Simultaneous Perception in a Case of Bilateral Occipitorparietal Brain Injury A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1959 Aphasis & Analysis of Speech Processes A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1959 .ChildhoodVoluntary action in Early Childhood. 1959 A.R. Luria
FRENCH 1959 Biographyof Luria ??
ENGLISH 1960 Differences Between Disturbance of Speech and Writing in Russian and French A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1961 On the mechanisms of eye movements in visual perception and their pathology A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1961 Participation of the speech system in the regulation of vegetative components of the orienting reflex in localized brain damage.1961 A.R. Luria, Khomskaya, Konovalor
ENGLISH 1962 An objective study of ocular movement and their control (in E.D. Khovanskaya). Psyhologische Beitrage. (ND) ??
RUSSIAN 1962 On the change ability of psychological functions in the process of development. Voprosy Psikhologii.1962 No.3 A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1962 New Works on the Pathology of thought A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1962 On the Plasticity of Psychological functions in the process of child development A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1963 Disorders of Ocular Movement in a Case of Simultanagnosia A.R. Luria, E.N. Pravdina-Vinarskaya and A.L. Yarbuss
RUSSIAN 1963 A collection of articles by American Psychologists A.R. Luria
FRENCH 1963 The Disturbance of the Regulatory Role of Language in the Frontal Lobe Lesions A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1964 An Experimental Analysis of The Behavioral Disturbance Produced by A Left Frontal Arachnoidal Endothelioma (Meningioma) A.R. Luria, K.H. Pribram and E.D. Homskaya
ENGLISH 1964 Factors and Forms of Aphasia A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1964 Neuropsychology in the local diagnosis of brain damage A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1964 Mind and Brain. Kommunist, 1964. No. 6 ??
RUSSIAN 1964 Textbook on the Restoration of Speech among aphasiacs A.R. Luria
RUSSIAN 1964 On the multiple significance of symptoms and topical diagnosis of brain damage A.R. Luria, Rapoport
ENGLISH 1965 Two kinds of Motor Perseveration in Massive Injury of the Frontal Lobes A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1966 Disturbances of active visual perception with lesions of the frontal lobes A. R. Luria, B.A. Karpov and A.L. Yarbuss
RUSSIAN 1966 Memory and the structure of psychological processes. Voprosy Psikhologii A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1969 The Origin and Cerebral Organization of Man's conscious action A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1971 Metaprinciples in Luria's neuropsychology A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1928-09 Psychology in Russia A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1928-12 The Problem of Cultural Behavior of the Child A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1935-03 Character and Personality- An International Psychological Quarterly A.R. Luria, Edited by Robert Saudek
ENGLISH 1959-05 An Objective Investigation of The Dynamics of Semantic Systems A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1959-06 Experimental Study of The Higher Nervous Activity of The Abnormal Child A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1959-12 The Directive Function of Speech in Development and Dissolution A.R. Luria
ENGLISH 1964-01 The Programming of Constructive Activity in Local Brain Injuries A.R. Luria and L.S. Tsvetkova
FRENCH 1964-12 The Principle Tendencies of the Psychologist in URSS A.R. Luria